Bodystat 1500

Bodystat 1500

The Bodystat®1500The Bodystat®1500 is a great motivational tool that allows the subject to access what changes are needed for optimal health. The subject’s Gender, Age, Height, Weight and optionally, Activity Level and Waist/Hip measurements are entered using the three keypads. It works by passing a safe battery generated signal through the body and measuring the impedance at a fixed frequency of 50 kHz.

Once the test has been performed a complete body composition analysis is displayed on the LCD screen within three seconds comprising Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Total Body Water and optimal ranges. Metabolic rates, BMI and Waist/Hip Ratio are also displayed on the LCD screen.

This Bodystat device measures/calculates

  • Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight*
  • Lean Mass Percentage and Lean Mass *
  • Total Weight
  • Body Water Percentage and Total Body Water*
  • Plus Normal Levels
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement*
  • Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
  • Waist/Hip Ratio *NEW*
  • Impedance Values at 50kHz

* Estimated


Bodystat device measures/calculates

  • Essential motivational tool especially for weight loss programs
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Body Fat and Lean Body Mass
  • Far more informative than the “Body Mass Index” (BMI)
  • Trend graphs (with additional software programs) available for quick evaluation for remedial action

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